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ISSN No. 2594-3278: Alienation in Parijat’s Blue Mimosa

By Dr. Dipesh Neupane


Blue Mimosa by Parijat captures the themes of alienation, absurdity, boredom, loneliness, individual freedom and meaninglessness of human existence which are central to the principles of existentialism. The novel narrates a fictional love story of its main characters Sakambari and Suyog, an ex -army officer who fought in the second world war and got retirement. After his retirement, he resorts to drinking alcohol and spends a wayward life. Since he has neither family nor any relatives, hesuffers a lot from loneliness and boredom. He realizes his meaninglessness and absurdity of his existence. He seeks meaning in his life but finds nothing. He attempts to rationalize his love with Sakambari but it turns vain when she commits suicide. His frustration ,boredom , loneliness and anguish culminates after her miserable death. The writer uses a beautiful poetic language to persuade ideas about existential crisis and absurdity within the novel.This paper tries to express ideas of existentialism and absurdity inspired by the same novel on a personal level. The novel depicts human life as ultimately trivial and meaningless. One must be willing to live in spite of death, create meaning in spite of objective meaninglessness, and find value in spite of the tragic, even comic, absurdity of what goes on around us.The absurdity of human existence is the necessary result of our attempts to live a life of meaning and purpose in an indifferent,uncaring universe.There is no God ,so there is no perfect and absolute vantage point from which human actions or choices can be said to be rational. This paper highlights the same in the light of the novel.

Keywords: existentialism, absurdity, existence, alienation, nothingness and nihilism

A Multidisciplinary Journal Volume 4 Number1 June 2019

  • पाटन प्रज्ञा / Patan Pragya
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Published by: Tribhuvan University Teachers' Association (TUTA)

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