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ISSN No. 2594-3278: Role of Micro-Finance in Socio-Economic Development of Kathmandu, Nepal

By Dipak Adhikari (M. Phil)


              The focus of this paper is to analyze the role of micro-finance in socio-economic developmentof Kathmandu. Microfinance is a simple but effective credit tool that enables the most poor to pull themselves out of poverty. The socio-economic status of loanees has improved consequently than when they started small business with loan in the earlier days. Moreover, it was found that their socio-economic status was higher than that of non-loanees. Microcredit is an effective tool for raising the socio-economic status of the poor people, particularly the women.

Patan Pragya (Volume: 5 Number: 1 Sept. 2019) 1 Received Date: July 2019 Revised: Augest 2019 Accepted: Sept. 2019

  • पाटन प्रज्ञा / Patan Pragya
  •  Peer Reviewed Journal

Published by: Tribhuvan University Teachers' Association (TUTA)

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Patan Dhoka, Lalitpur, Nepal