Tribhuvan University

Patan Multiple Campus

Physical Infrastructure of the Campus

Administrative Building

The building occupying 7330.0 square feet, was built in 2034/035. Most of the offices and department are located in this building only. Altogether 38 rooms are in the building. Recently, one office room has been added to the building with the five lakh assistance received from the parliamentarian Siddhi Lal Singh's parliament development fund.


Tahara (Hut) Bhawan (Building)

Three huts were constructed in around 4950.0 square feet land in 2032/33. The huts, used for most of the academic programmes and classes of all level, were damaged by the 2015 earthquake. However, now classes are being run after temporary repairing work.


Zoology/Environment Science Building

The oldest building of the campus was built at the time of its foundation in 2014/15. The building occupying 1100.0 square feet, was completely damaged by the 2015 earthquake. The process of dismantling the building has already begun.


Science Building/Phy+Chem+Zoology+Stat.)

The three storey building built in 2025/26, occupies 36000 square feet land. Its top floor comprises the offices of physics, chemistry, botany, and their laboratories. It was damaged by the 2015 earthquake. However, now classes are run in the same building after some minor repairing work as per the report of the technician.


 Science Building (Assistant Campus Chief's Office)

The building, built in 2030 and standing on 1400 square feet, comprises the office of the Assistant Campus Chief, Examination Section, Mathematics Department, and a room for the gatekeeper. The building, completely damaged in the 2015 earthquake, is now in the process of being dismantled.


Computer Department

The building, built in 2030, occupies around 2700 square feet. It consists of Computer and Statistics Department office and laboratories. Since the introduction of New Education Policy, all the administrative units were conducted in the same building. In 2047, there units were transferred to the new administrative building, and now only Computer and Statistic Departments are located in this building. Patan Multiple Campus was the first constituent campus of the T.U to run the BSc CSIT classes in the same building. The building has one office room, and laboratory classes too are conducted in the same building. The building was damaged by the 2015 earthquake. Though the technician's report suggests that the building is no more safe for any use, some programmes are still conducted in the same building due to the lack of space at the campus.


Conference Hall (T.T. Hall)

The hall, built in 2014/15, occupies 4950.0 square feet land. In the beginning years of its construction, rooms in the hall were used for Students' Union, Health Post, Library, and Store Room. Later on, the small room in the hall were dismantled to turn it into a Table Tennis room. Now the hall is used as a conference Hall, and it has the capacity of accomoding 200 people for holding meeting and other programmes. It was too damaged in the earthquake, but it still functions as a conference hall after some repairing work.



 H Block

Rural Development, Population Department and offices are located in the building built in 2062/63 within the premises of Humanities just along the road leading to Chakupat from Patan Dhoka. Now more classrooms are being constructed putting tross above the roof of the building.

Sociology/Anthropology Building

The Building, constructed in 2056/57, occupies around 242.0 square feet land. Sociology/Anthropology Department classes are run in the second floor of the building. The first floor of the building is rented for business purpose. The ground floor is allocated for Free Students' Union and motor garage. Two rooms in the same floor are used for classroom purpose too.


Library Building

The building, occupying 7000.0 square feet, was built in 2040/41. The previous library located in the T.T hall was transferred to this building. The building was partially damaged in the 2015 earthquake. One room, constructed in 2068 in the first floor, is now used for E-Library.


Management Stream Building

The building, constructed in 2056/57, occupies 3907.0 square feet land. Bachelor and Degree level programmes of Management faculties are run in the building. Office rooms are also located in the same building. The building has altogether 14 rooms. BBA classes under the self-sustained programme are too run in the same building. So, more class rooms are needed to accommodate such classes. Accordingly, the campus has started a process to build more rooms in future as a preparation for the infrastructure to accommodate more programmes.




 Prefav Huts (Tahara)

With the full assistance of Tzu-Chi Foundation of Taiwan, Prefav huts (Tahara) with fifteen rooms are built in the premises of Humanities and Social Science in the wake of devastating earthquake of 2015 that damaged most of buildings of Sciences Stream. These huts (Tahara) are used for the classroom purpose after the earthquake.


 Science Hut (Tahara) Building

The prefav hut (Tahara), located in the Humanities premise, was used for science classes, but now the science classes run in the six rooms (Tahara) located in the science premises. The Hut (Tahara) was built with the budget received from the TU.


 Nepal Bhasa Building

Beautifully designed and constructed three story Nepal Bhasa Building is named "Chain Lakamal Memorial Building". Centre Department of Nepal Bhasa is functioning from this building. The building comprises one Conference Hall, the office of Chief of the Department, and a museum related to Newari Culture. The campus's Management Committee's meeting is held in the Conference Hall of this building.