Tribhuvan University

Patan Multiple Campus

Institute of Science and Technology

Department of Statistics and Computer Science



The Patan Multiple Campus as constituent campus of Tribhuvan University at Patan Dhoka started Department of Statistics in the year 2043 BS. Tribhuvan University introduced its first 3 years Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science program from Patan Multiple Campus under the Statistics Department in the year 2054 B.S. and became “The Department of Statistics and Computer Science.” Although very few manpower in teaching courses and other resources at the time, Patan Multiple successfully and smoothly continued the 3 years computer science program with the help of our dedicated team of teachers and staff under the Department of Statistics and Computer Science. Patan Multiple campus is the first campus of Tribhuvan University who successfully lead success of new computer science courses and has now become the first choice for the study of computer courses. Presently, Department of Statistics and Computer Science have experience and sufficient faculty members and admin staff.

Tribhuvan University management decided to change the 3 years yearly Computer Science program to 4 years semester system and accordingly Patan Multiple Campus started 4 years semester system BSc CSIT from academic year 2064 and is running 4 years semester system BSc CSIT program since then. The campus was initially enrolling 48 students in a year and as the students’ demand and choice, seat had been increased to 60 students each year from the year 2069, 72 students from year 2073 and now enrolling 108 students from the year 2075. With the success of our BSC CSIT program and demand of students, Patan Multiple Campus has decided and in process to start the Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) program from the year 2076.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology(BSc CSIT):

BSc. CSIT program affiliated to Tribhuvan University (TU) is a four year Bachelor Degree program conducted over 8 semesters. Students gradually pass out one semester and are promoted to the next semester after qualifying exam at each semester. The program was launched by TU to generate IT graduates so that they can fulfill the overwhelming demand of IT professionals both within the country and worldwide.

Course Name : Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (BSc CSIT)

Faculty            : Institute of Science and Technology

Level               : Bachelor

Duration         : 4 years (Semester System)

Award Title  : Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (BSc CSIT)



  • The objective of the B.Sc. CSIT program is to enable students know the fundamental theories, knowledge and skill sets of computer science and Information Technology.
  • B.Sc. CSIT 4 years degree course generate IT graduates to fulfill the growing demand of computing professionals in IT market.
  • B.Sc. CSIT programs is bent more over to programming field thus enabling students to develop profound knowledge in software field so that they can pursue the path to become software programmers, software system analysis, software consultants.
  • B.Sc. CSIT program enables students to build their knowledge in hardware and networking to an extensive level.
  • Courses in B.Sc. CSIT program provide knowledge and skills to solve various types of computer and IT related problems.
  • Another objective of B.Sc. CSIT degree program is to develop the capacity of the students to bring the impact in the field of business sector through IT.

Admission Requirements:

Students wishing to pursue B.Sc. CSIT degree program must meet the following criteria.

  • He or she must have completed higher secondary education from science stream like +2 science, or A Level Science, I.Sc or equivalent level of education from any other university, board or institution recognized to TU with a remark of at least 45% aggregate on mark sheet.
  • Student must have applied for B.Sc. CSIT entrance exam of TU and secured 35% marks in aggregate.


Admission Process of BSc CSIT:

TU normally calls for application submission during the month of Shrawan or Bhadra. After Tribhuvan University calls for admission, students can visit any constituent college affiliated to TU offering B.Sc CSIT to collect and submit an application form. It is not necessary to study in the college where you submit the form. Students should pass the Tribhuvan University entrance examination after which students can get admission in the college of their choice. However, the college admission procedure is depends solely on the college.